Project Overview

Predikta is an online fantasy league game, for football fans in the United Kingdom. It aims to provide a nonchalant mood, and therefore breaks from the standard fantasy league models by handpicking matches from the Barclays Premier League, Barclays Championship, FA Cup, League Cup and international matches each week.

  • Players register and create or join a league to compete against each other for the duration of the season. Features like live banter entice players to participate online and auto-banter keeps players up to date with important information
  • Players make weekly predictions for the selected matches, choosing one banker where they can score double points
  • Points are earned by predicting the correct winning team, the correct goal difference and for predicting the score
  • Players can monitor their progress in near real-time. Player scores and positions are calculated on the fly and the results are pushed to the player’s front end
  • Responsive design allows players to interact with Predikta on a desktop, tablet or smart phone browser


  • SASS
  • Masonry.js
  • ASP.Net MVC 4
  • ASP.Net Web API
  • SignalR
  • Azure Web Sites
  • Azure SQL Server
  • Entity Framework (ORM)
  • Unity (DI)


  • Front-end Layer
    • MVC Website
    • OPTA feed web api endpoint to receive live game updates
    • SignalR to push changes to connected players
  • Data Layer
    • Repositories to abstract data access
    • Scoring engine for calculating player scores and positions near real-time
    • Banter Service to allow player messaging
  • Database


Predikta is cloud hosted on Azure. Front-end, services and endpoints are hosted on an Azure web site instance. The database is hosted on an Azure SQL Server instance.

Leveraging the Azure infrastructure Visual Studio integration makes deployments a seamless, built-in process.


Predikta has been active since 1999, on takeover we had a client with an existing user-base and brand. The brand required a refresh to ensure differentiation from competitor applications while maintaining brand recognition from current members and a strong identity for new users and new marketing campaigns.

Predikta Landing Page


CI & collateral

A corporate identity was created to meet client needs while ensuring users are able relate to the visual language.

The brand was developed to resonate with the target market, bringing familiar elements together with masculine colour and typography and aesthetics reminiscent of TV sports overlays.

The corporate identity included the logo, brand applications, typography, collateral and promotional items.


Extensive wire-framing and user journeys ensured a good roadmap for development, client satisfaction and user experience. We created a simpler and more refined user experience compared to competitor sites focusing primarily on usability.

UI Design


The user interface is designed in a modular fashion, allowing for easy implementation during development and future expansion and customisation. This also ensures that the management backend shares the UI and UX.

Predikta dashboard



The Predikta UI was designed to create native app-like interaction and engagement whilst ensuring cross browser and device compatibility. The graphics are mainly rendered via CSS and vector methods rather than traditional methods. This ensures scalability on high-resolution displays without loss of quality while reducing download size and load time.

Predikta bet


Responsive Design

Predikta was designed to ensure ease of use on mobile. The component based nature of the design ensured effective scaling between various devices and platforms. 

Predikta mobile


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