Project Overview

Nedbank Insurance provides information for those seeking insurance for a variety of products and offers existing clients a channel through which to contact Nedbank. It is built on NML’s custom CMS platform.

The website presents Nedbank’s personal and business insurance products. Users are guided through the insurance offerings using navigational elements to further tailor the requirements until they arrive at the appropriate cover. Here they are able to request a consultant to contact them to complete an application or provide further information.

Nedbank Insurance NBI landing page

In addition to product information, the website also functions as a noticeboard for Nedbank Insurance to showcase the latest news and advice to their clients.

Project Goals

Nedbank Insurance approached New Media Labs to implement their website with the following project goals in mind:

  • Present product information and the latest news and tips in an innovative and engaging way.
  • Establish a channel of communication between the business and potential/existing clients.


  • SASS
  • Knockout
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Asp.Net MVC 3
  • CaptchaMVC
  • Entity Framework (ORM)


The tiered architecture and object oriented design pattern applied during the development of the Nedbank Insurance website.

  • Data Access Layer
    • SQL Database
    • Entity Framework
  • Business Layer
    • NML CMS
      • Content Manager to create, store and edit content. Also allows moving content between states such as draft, published and archived
      • Media Manager to upload and delete images and documents.
      • User Manager to create, remove and modify users as well as their roles in the application.


Native VML designed Nedbank Insurance. New Media Labs developed the front- and back-ends. The primary aim of the site is to provide information about insurance offerings and thus drive adoption of Nedbank Insurance products.

Nedbank Insurance menu

Instead of a traditional “Home page” the site opens onto a product offering landing page. Products are categorized at a top level as “Personal”, “Business” and “Investments”. In addition to the product offerings the site also contains information about the brand, a News section, a Tips and Advice section and contact details for all products.

Nedbank Insurance Product Page

Multiple navigation options are offered for the landing pages via selected products in a slider, information blocks and a navigation menu.


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