Project Overview

Sparrow welcome screens

The Sparrow mobile application is a tool for parents to manage the schedules of their school children. It ensures fast, effective communication from schools to parents and gives them better visibility and control over school activities and calendars.

Parents add their child to the app and then link them to their school. Once linked to a school a parent can sign a child up to all relevant events or activities that they are involved in, adding that event to the child’s personal schedule.
If the school changes the details of any event or activity in a child's personal schedule, Sparrow will automatically update all schedules with the new information.

Sparrow schools

The app will allow the user to:

  • activate multiple schools (school’s will provide parents with their unique code)
  • create child profiles and associate a child to a school
  • view new notice board, resource, school communications and event/activity items that are added
  • view the schedules for all children across the schools
  • view a collection of in-app messages sent from the school - this will only be available in the notices feed and school inbox
  • view further information on specific events/activities
  • add and remove their children from schools and a specific event/activity

Sparrow home

Sparrow supports multiple schools and multiple children, so parents have just one place to check during the day to make sure that they have all the information-rich detail that they need to stay up to date and in-sync with the busy school lives of their children.

Technologies used

  • Xamarin Mobile App Development & App Creation Software
  • Couchbase database
  • Sqlite database


The Sparrow iPhone application was developed in C# using Xamarin. It was architected with a focus on functioning cross-platform, so creating Android and Windows Phone versions of the app will merely require creating the Android/Windows UI layer on top of the core library that houses the business logic.

The Sparrow app leverages off of two datastores on the device: a Sqlite database for all data created on the device, and a NoSql database for all data retrieved via the Sparrow web services (specifically school event data). Local App Notifications combined with Background Fetch have been implemented to ensure that the data on the device remains up to date.

Sparrow activation


Sparrrow Communicator is designed by Rou Mills and we worked closely with him to translate the designs into workable assets for iOS.

Sparrow Communicator is designed with ease of use in mind. A consistent UI for the main screens - Home, Children and Schools - using a card type layout and clear iconography means users quickly and easily become familar with the patterns of the app.

Sparrow child screens 

The calendar for school Events and Activities shows both day and month views allowing easy access to the important information users need to manage their children's school activities.

Sparrow EOA

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