Project Overview

New Media Labs provides project management, architectural, .Net and SQL development services on a full time basis.

The challenge is to provide first level support and improve reliability of the current systems while building new functionality that meets the business and reporting requirements for the Financial Services Industry, compliant with ISAE 3402 (Assurance Reports on Controls at a Service Organization).

By outsourcing the software development and management to NML Taquanta are able to adopt a flexible approach to IT. NML provides a partnership that allows Taquanta access to developers with highly specialised software expertise and liberates them from the overheads of recruitment and HR.



  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Analysis Services
  • Microsoft Reporting Services
  • Fundamental Back-office Software
  • Charles River Investment Management System


Integration with Other Systems

Fundamental - Investment Management Software

Charles River - Investment Management Solution



Solution Overview

In 2014, Taquanta decided to integrate Charles River Investment Management Solution to the existing back office software, Fundamental. New Media Labs served as the primary developers providing advice and writing the imports that were required to safely and reliably integrate the two technologies. We built on the Titan ETL (Extract Transform Load) System that was already implemented at Taquanta and for whom we had reduced downtime considerably. By using a common Data Warehouse and Cube Taquanta can now respond to ever changing regulatory requirements far quicker than before and in a standardised manner.

Projects completed for Taquanta include:

  • Client Management System for storing the paperwork and workflow related data for their clients;
  • First line support to all bespoke .NET systems and databases;
  • First line support and feature additions to various data warehousing facilities;
  • Reporting solutions;
  • Project Management and architecture consulting

Moving forward NML will migrate Taquanta’s legacy software and processes onto one ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) and data warehouse. The migration will aim to maintain the runtime of the process in near real-time and leverage internal business knowledge to provide Taquanta with the analytics and business intelligence required for a modern financial system.

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